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Our newly established Logistics Division controls the intermediate supply chain between manufacturer and client, along the dimensions of supply, storage, and transport. Our tanker fleet currently comprises of 12 delivery trucks. The entire fleet is Puma SQAS approved, ISO accredited, SABS approved, and we are proud to be listed as a registered Puma transport provider. All transport is carried out by vehicles owned and managed by the Nkomazi Group, and thus allows us to optimise the most efficient and effective delivery schedule.

All drivers are trained and registered with all relevant authorities and all trucks are marked with a telephone number so that any road user may contact us directly regarding the way the trucks are used on the road. Our drivers are very aware of this “hotline”.

Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards by means of preventative maintenance programmes. We provide a 24 hour, 7-days-a-week breakdown back up service, which enhances our service reliability to our customers. Our fleet are subjected to the latest legislative and safety requirements as per law.

The vehicles are constantly replaced to maintain effective service delivery as well as to keep costs in check. We are comprehensively insured against any mishap, whether spillage or otherwise. The number of staff involved in this division amounts to approximately 30 employees.

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