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The Nkomazi Group is the market leader in Fuel Wholesale and Distribution to a wide range of customers in the following industries: Agriculture / Transport / Mining / Forestry / Construction / Retailers. The Nkomazi Group is procuring, storing, transporting and supplying fuel, diesel and lubricants to a wide customer base in geographical areas that include Mpumalanga, Kwa Zulu Natal, Northern Province and Mozambique.

We are known to assist other players in the field, even if it is detrimental to ourselves. The Nkomazi Group specializes in the sales and distribution of bulk fuel products. Diesel 50 & 500ppm, Petroleum and Illuminating paraffin can be ordered, and delivered to your premises. We supply, install & maintain bulk storage tanks in various sizes to our customers. The erection and installation of equipment at any customer, is dependent upon the volumes utilised by the customer. We also advise customers on control measures to safeguard their installations.

We operate out of our own storage depot in Nelspruit. As we keep a constant stock level, we are able to service our clients almost immediately, and are proud to maintain the shortest lead times possible in the industry. All fuel supplied to customers is exclusively sourced from the major fuel refineries.

We have also entered into an agreement with an organisation who manufactures FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS for installation at customers. This system allows for a significant improvement in the management of their fuel supplies, usage and overall control.

Fuel transportation is facilitated by an extensive fleet of tanker trucks, and there is no upper limit on order quantities. The division is headed by a well-established and well-trained sales and marketing team. The Nkomazi Group takes pride in its competitive pricing structures, and excellent client service. The number of staff involved in this division, in the RSA and Mozambique, amounts to approximately 30 employees.

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